Philippa Anderson Surf School


If you’re a first timer or any age, WE want to get you standing on a surfboard and having a whole lot of fun. With all our coaches having incredible surf knowledge, Surfing Australia qualifications,  years of experience surfing and the excitement to help you get to your feet and riding those waves. 

Each lesson you will learn the correct ‘pop-up’ technique, how to ride a wave with the correct technique, how to wipe out safely, enter and exit the water, how to identify broken and unbroken waves. Each participant is able to go at their own level and pace, with our qualified instructors. 

Each lesson we will include a rash vest, wetsuit, soft surf board, leg rope and sunscreen. 

Lesson set out- 80 mins

  • Preferred arrival time 5 mins prior start lesson time. If you arrive late, we do not make up for lost lesson time. 
  • 5/10 minutes – Introduction, suiting up (gear) , walk down to the beach
  • 20 minutes – Talk on ocean safety awareness and beach safety whilst surfing and correct ‘pop-up’ technique
  • 40/50 minutes – Hit the water
  • 5/10 minutes- Return to van, washing down gear

You will receive a waiver attached to your booking confirmation email. Please remember to read, print, sign and bring to your lesson. If you are unable to print and sign, forms will be available at the Surf School.

Intermediate in water surf lessons are available as prices below – 80 mins

  • Opening beach talk includes: Ocean awareness, highlighting the safest and best place to paddle out, focusing on positioning and picking the best and safest bank/peak to surf.
  • In the water assistant focusing on identifying positioning in the lineup, wave selection and direct coaching from the water. Feedback from our coaches as they’ve just witnessed you catch a wave.
  • We accommodate you at your level of surfing.

Private Lesson

  • $75pp 
  • With Philippa Anderson- $90pp

Group Lesson – max 6

  • $45 pp 
  • With Philippa Anderson $50pp

GIFT VOUCHERS now available for Private, Group and Family Privates learn to surf lessons.

Images: Bosko

PLEASE REMEMBER at the Philippa Anderson Surf School , we run lessons in rain or sunshine providing it is safe to do so. We will cancel lessons if the surf is too big, flat or the conditions are unsafe due to high tide, heavy shore dumps, lighting or strong winds then you can reschedule your lesson at a later date. If we can’t link up a lesson that suits you and you decide to fully cancel your lesson, you will receive a full refund (please expect 1-2 days). 

We need 24 HOURS NOTICE IF YOU would like to reschedule or cancel your booked lesson to get a full refund. Failure to give the necessary notice within the 24 HOURS of your booking, you will be charged 20% of your booking.