Philippa Anderson Surf School


This is aimed at surfers who have transitioned from a foam board to a fibre glass surfboard and can independently paddle out the back and trim across the wave, this is for you. This one on one intermediate coaching has 2 options, both focusing on improving your technique, ocean awareness, decision making in the water and really focusing on the three basic surfing turns – bottom turn, top turn and cutback. From these lessons you will gain confidence being in the water, a heap of knowledge with wave selection, equipment, effective decision making whilst having a whole bunch of fun. 

Option 1- In water Coaching – $75 – 80mins / Philippa Anderson as Coach $90 – 80mins

  • Opening beach talk includes: Ocean awareness, highlighting the safest and best place to paddle out, focusing on positioning and picking the best and safest bank/peak to surf.
  • In the water assistant focusing on identifying positioning in the lineup, wave selection and direct coaching from the water. Feedback from our coaches as they’ve just witnessed you catch a wave. 

Option 2- Video Analysis – Philippa Anderson as Coach $120 – 1.5hrs (With footage available to take home) 

  • Video analysis to improve your surfing technique and skill level. Our qualified surf coaches with Level 2 certification with Surfing Australia film your session from the beach and throughout the lesson will give you constructive feedback and focus on the areas of your technique to help you improve. You then get to go back out in the water and put the advice straight into practice. This is one of the most effective ways to improving your surfing. You will see how such a little tip or tweak in your technique will make you feel like an improved surfer.

If you don’t have a fibreglass surfboard for coaching, you are able to rent a surfboard if your size ( dimensions ) are available. Please notify in the comments box when booking a lesson. This will be at extra cost.